Hi there!

I’m so glad you’ve found me!  You may have been led to me because you’ve heard about Simply FREE Blogs, my first web design business!

I have decided to transition my business because it wasn’t meeting the needs of my customers.

When I set out to become a web designer, I envisioned being a true helper to women who were starting a business of their own.  A person who could help them jump over the hurdle of starting an online business by taking away the technical burden of creating a website.

So I started Simply FREE Blogs, a web design company that would offer women very simple websites for free, if they signed up for hosting through my affiliate link.

Getting paid a commission from the hosting company was the only way I could offer a service free of charge to women.  And I was always very up-front and honest about the fact that I would be making a commission.

But it soon became VERY apparent to me that I wasn’t able to create a website that would truly help a woman start a business, especially if she was coming to me because she had no idea how to set up a website or blog!

The way I wanted to help was not to put together some bare bones website and send her packing, with some help, but still not a complete (or let’s be honest, very attractive) website.  I wanted to help by creating lovely websites that women were proud of.  That they felt confident to send people to.  That they didn’t have to spend hours and hours working on.

And the business model I started with just didn’t work for my intentions.  I have a helper’s heart, and I get such joy out of creating beautiful websites for women so they can do what they love most and make money doing it.

So, my business has transitioned.  My new company, as you’ve obviously found, is Unleashed Web Design.  Unleashed for two reasons…..I’ve become unleashed from the life I was living (slogging through my days at my full-time job, hating every minute of it, working for any break I would get from sitting there, wishing I was doing something – anything – else) and I’ve promised myself to be more authentic.  And that means that I live a life that most people couldn’t fathom.

And I get a lot of criticism advice from people whose intentions are well-meaning, but words are anything but wisdom.

And my other reason for calling it unleashed is that I want to unleash you from the confines of the technological confines you’re under now.  So many women have such incredible aspirations and grand (and noble) plans for making this world a better place.  And I want to be a little pawn in their game.

I want to help them reach the people they’re after, make the sales, create the life of their dreams, and help others in their unique ways.

Here you’ll find helpful tips that will help you improve your WordPress website, insightful and inspirational words of wisdom from others who are building online businesses and mentoring those who are doing the same, and a healthy dose of positivity.  Because we all know that there is plenty of negativity in this world, and it doesn’t help any of us achieve our dreams.

Yes, I’m a dreamer.  I’m a little bit woo-woo.  I’m an optimist, a lover of all things goofy, an encourager, and a lover.  If you’ve been looking for practical help AND a good dose of good juju, you’ve come to the right place.