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You’re on a mission, and that mission is CRITICAL.

You’ve been hearing about people who start their own businesses and create a rich, freedom-filled, abundant, location independent life, and you want a slice of THAT pie.

You have an idea for a business, or you’ve already started building your dream biz.  But your success hasn’t skyrocketed just yet.

Perhaps you’ve tried to create a website yourself, but you realize that there’s a pretty steep learning curve, and you don’t have all the time in the world to actually end up with something that you’re not just ok with – you’re THRILLED with.

Or maybe you’ve not even attempted to create a website because of the sheer terror you have of all things technical.  (How can I have an online business if I don’t know how to do ANYTHING online? you might repeatedly ask yourself in those quiet times when you’re contemplating the weight of this dream of yours.)

Adding one more thing to your “Things I Dread Doing” list isn’t in the plan.  Stressing over your website is not going to help you launch your über-successful biz, skyrocketing you straight into millionaire-hood.

There’s a shit ton to learn when you’re starting your own business.  There’s loads to do.  Loads to consider.  Loads to implement.  But guess what?  You’re not alone.

Did you hear me?  You’re not alone.

Not only have you found a place where you can ease your mind about your website, but you’ve found a place where someone who’s been in your shoes (and remembers EXACTLY what it feels like) and come out the other side, wants to help you KILL IT in your business.

I guess it’s time to introduce myself…..I’m Lori.  Hi! Lori 2

I’ve been playing this “I wanna build my own business so I can be rich and happy and wherever I want to be whenever I feel the whim” game for years.

It all started when I stumbled upon the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss.  That book freaking changed. my. life.  No joke.

I started hatching my evil gutsy plan to free myself from the constrains of my life that I felt were wrapped around my neck, stealing every bit of breath from my lungs, and threatening to squeeze harder.

And when I started out, I found out that there’s a LOT of crap out there.  “Advice” that’s not so much advice, and much more “give me your money so I can be rich, and I’ll tell you how to take other people’s money so you can be rich” bullshit.

I was wandering around in what felt like a cold, heartless e-world, searching for help, looking for a beacon of light and hope, an actual encouraging, helpful guide.  And for years, I found NONE of that.

I had crappy idea after crappy idea, each time building a website to build my ton-of-shit new business idea.  And each time, I failed.  Well, I failed at the business.  I freaking LOVED making the websites for each one, though!

After way too many of these attempts to somehow make money online, I finally started finding helpful people.  Women whose purpose on this Earth is to help other women (so glad I was born with a uterus!) create successful, authentic, no-bullshit businesses for themselves.

And the me that was inside of me, thrashing around as if having a bad dream, suddenly woke up.  I knew that I had a purpose in life, and that was to help other women figure out how to do exactly what I was trying to figure out how to do.

I knew that once I figured out how to be successful online, I was going to actually HELP people do what I had done!  But I was still struggling with HOW I was going to do that.  I wasn’t a life coach, and really had no interest in becoming one.  I wanted to be encouraging, helpful, and inspirational, but felt like I lacked the credentials or general knowledge to build an entire business around that.

And then, one lovely, insightful day, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I freaking LOVE making websites!  And THAT can help people!  Especially women going into business for themselves!!


I started learning more and more about web design, taking courses, watching videos, reading tutorials, searching, devouring information, building websites for practice…..etc.  I could NOT get enough.

And that’s how I started my web design business.  It’s such an incredible feeling to do something that I adore while helping other people build their businesses!  It’s truly like living a dream.

Unleashed Web Design is actually my second web design company.  My first was called Simply FREE Blogs – and I had a dream of providing women who wanted to start an online business with a free website.  But I quickly learned that I couldn’t create a website that was actually HELPFUL to someone for free.  I didn’t feel like I was adding enough value to the lives of the people I wanted to help.  So I changed course.

I have a helper’s heart and I truly want to help you create or build your business to the point where your dreams come true, too.  So, what you’ll find here is inspiration, a lot of fun (one of the things I was hoping to do when I started out was have a fun life, so that’s VERY central to the heart of my business), and useful tips that can help you not only create a website that you adore, but a business that fulfills you, makes you proud, helps others, and allows you to live the life you envision.

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If you’re interested in getting to know me better, check out my personal blog, Becoming Unleashed, where I talk openly, candidly, and quite honestly about my journey toward an unconventional, authentic life.  Or if you have a question, comment, or topic that you’d like for me to tackle in a blog post, contact me here.

Take your shoes off and get comfy.  This is friend territory ’round here!