You are: someone with a fire in your belly that burns so bright, you’re surprised when you turn out the lights that there isn’t a residual glow seeping into the corners of your world.

You have: an idea for a business, or a seedling of a start, reaching for the sun, and knowing that you can make this spark skyrocket to success. After all, you’ve been hearing about all those troves of people who create rich, freedom-filled lives that aren’t crammed in the confines of a cubicle, and you ache for that same abundance.

You deserve: to play the leading part in your life, and you’re more than willing to put in the work to make it happen.

All that said, you are: stuck on your website, of all things. You’ve poured over themes and videos and webinars until your eyes are red-rimmed and squinting against the late-night lamp light, but you’ve realized that the learning curve that looked so little before is one steep son of a bitch.

You have: realized that adding one more thing to your “Things That Cause Stress Barfs” list isn’t the game plan, and every second you spend sweating your site is time that could be used to cultivate better business.

And you deserve: us. Because at Unleashed Web Design, we won’t just take your website off your to-do list. We’ll take it off your mind, off your shoulders, and off the backburnerwhile making your future profits a priority.

It’s not just about placing your web presence in capable hands. It’s about securing your spot in the life you’ve lost sleep over, planning out every detail about how you’d like to be living.

I know because I’ve been there.


I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me, Lori. I would still be stuck, staring at the screen if I hadn’t been recommended to contact you. You are thorough, personable, kind, patient, and the end result is fantastic. I cannot believe the quality of your work. You are amazing!

Jennifer Hill

Health Coach

Lori is amazing to work with and actually cares about what she does and it really shows. She always stayed in contact with me and was willing to assist with every question I had. I never felt like it was a struggle to work with her.

Carolyn Caputo

Holistic Health Coach

I’m Lori Reeves, and I’ve been a powerhouse player in the whole, “I want to build my business so I can be fulfilled, happy and wherever I want to be, whenever I so feel the whim” game for years.

It all started with the constraints of my past life, wound tightly around my neck and threatening every day to squeeze just a little bit harder. I wanted to break free. I wanted to bathe in sunlight off every coast around the world, helping people wherever I landed next. I wanted to breathe.

So I masterfully hatched my own gutsy little plan, planning my escape, and hacking through all those obstacles that told me no.

There’s a lot of noise out there. A ton of “give me your money so I can be rich, and I’ll tell you how to take other people’s money so you can be rich too,” posturing. (Let’s kick those people to the back, shall we?) Because in matters of love and business, it’s not just about the achievements you want to cross off a list. It’s about the person you want to be.

We’re in this together. And together? We’re going to create a website that makes you weak in the knees, a business that makes you bound out of bed every morning, a place to sink your pride, an online homebase that you can use to help others, and the means to make your life alive.

It’s an absolute honor to meet you. Now, then.

Let’s make waves.