Custom Social Media Icons

So you want to try your hand at making your own custom social media icons, huh?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!!

My quick video training will show you everything you need to know to make your own custom social media icons, whether they’re for your own website or a website for your customer. There are many free social media icons that you can find and download, but it’s a special touch when you can create something so very custom that it blows your customer (or everyone who visits your website!) away.

And the best part about it?  Everything you need to use to make them is free.  That’s right.  100% free! So grab my video training for $10 and get to creating!

People are raving about the training:

Lori did a great job breaking down this topic, she took it from something that I thought was over my head and made me see that I could make fabulous icons with a little imagination and some free tools that were already on the net.
-Jennifer Hiles, internet entrepreneur


Lori offers clear, easy to follow instruction to guide you in creating your very own unique social media icons. The videos offer step-by-step clear instructions for you to help your social media icons stand out on your website.
-Sarah Juliusson, Website Doula & Business Coach for Birth Professionals




Here are a few samples of the custom social media icons I’ve created.  The sky’s the limit.  I can’t wait to see what YOU come up with! screenshot-by-nimbus nautical_scroll_5_icons_cropped nautical_social_media_icons_3 pinned_social_media_icons redsplash-fb turq_to_red-FB turq_to_red-G+ turq_to_red-RSS turquoise_ribbon_social_media_iconsdisappearing_turq-FB

See what I mean about the sky being the limit?  I’ll even show you how to create an image like the turquoise banner above, with all the social media icons on it, and link each one accordingly!  Again, still FREE! So hop on over and grab this up!  It’s just $10 and think about how much you can charge for custom social media icons from here on out!  Plus, the videos are super short and easy to follow!  It’s 20 minutes of training – that’s it!  See you on the other side, love!

Having custom social media icons looks so cool on websites and I had envy. Now I am able to create many different icons depending on our mood. I loooove this training. Super easy and basic – no nerdthink needed.
-Blythe TwoSisters; doctor of clinical psychology, hoopdancer, trainer and baby web designer.