It amazes me that it’s taken me this long to actually accept and appreciate myself.  I spent years and years trying to “fit in,” to be what other people thought I should be, and actually feeling a little bit ashamed of who I actually am.  And that’s a terrible way to live.

I’m not sure what has switched in me, but I finally see that I am okay, just as I am.  I used to have a “profuse apologizing disorder.”  I would apologize about everything.  Every. thing.  And truly feel bad that I wasn’t more like people (as it seemed in my eyes) wanted me to be.

But now, I just am who I am.  I don’t try to hide it, or pretend that I am different.  I have given myself permission to be who I am, and that, I think, has made a BIG difference.

So, if you’ve ever felt the way I’ve described above, and you sometimes wish that you could just be different from who you are, please stop doing that.  You are unique and you have something to offer this world that no one else can offer.  I believe in you, and I give you permission.  Can you do the same for yourself?

Give yourself permission to be unapologetically, wildly you.