Have you ever tried so hard at something only to fail after all that effort?  Have you ever tried to PUSH your way to success?  Has that ever worked in your favor?

Something that I constantly have to remind myself is that I’m not going to get what I want by pushing.  It’s not POWER that will achieve results……it’s persistence.  Staying on the path.  Resolving to not quit.  Continuing when I feel defeated.  Having faith that forward motion will lead to results.

When building an online business, it’s so easy to get discouraged.  It’s so easy to wake up some mornings and say, “It’s not growing fast enough…..there must be something that I’m doing wrong,” and feel that jabbing urge to quit.  To give up.  Call it a day.

But usually, awesome things start to happen right after you push through that spot.  You start seeing results.  You start getting more leads.  Getting more business.  Seeing the results you’ve been working toward.

Check out the quote below…..I love it for so many reasons.

Power is not what yields results....it's persistence.

Cutting through……isn’t that what we’re all trying to do?  Cut through the clutter.  Cut through the bullshit.  Cut through our competition so we stand out.

If we try to be more like water, we’ll be able to achieve that.  Now, yes, water can be powerful, if you’re talking about the weight of the force it can have when rushing to a place it hasn’t been before.  But that’s not what this quote is talking about.  It’s talking about water rushing over rocks…..continuously.

Water is soft.  It’s forgiving.  It’s flexible.  But it also wears down jagged rocks until they’re as soft and smooth as glass.

Resistance is worn down only by persistence. Tweet: Resistance is worn down only by persistence. http://ctt.ec/ya5t2+

And the greatest part of this?  That YOUR resistance will also be worn down by your persistence!  So……take a breath, yes.  Take a [short] break, yes.  Give up?  NEVER.

If you believe that you’re working on something worthwhile, don’t give up.  No matter who (or what) you’re fighting against.