Lack. It’s such a small word to contain the enormity of weight that it carries.

For YEARS, I lived in lack. Always focusing on what I was missing. Feeling like I’d never have enough. And guess what I never had………ENOUGH.  Until I’d HAD ENOUGH, that is.

Luckily, I started hearing more and more people saying that your thoughts influence your life. And if you are constantly thinking about how you “don’t have” that’s exactly what you’re going to find in your life.

But when you start believing in the possibility that you “can have,” doors start opening where you thought there were only walls.

And it’s easy to get a big head once you feel like you’ve gotten a hold on that bad habit of living in lack. It’s easy to feel like you’ve “gotten over” being in lack all the time.

But guess what……..lack is a creeper.

He doesn’t go away. He’s still there. You might turn the light out in the room, but that doesn’t make everything in the room disappear. There’s just no light shed on it at the moment.

It’s the same for lack. Just because you’re not shining your spotlight on what you don’t have doesn’t mean that you can’t still feel lack.

I’ve been having what I would consider a windfall of good events in my business.  I’ve been getting more inquiries, more signed contracts, more money coming in than I have in YEARS.  More even than when I was working full-time (outside the home, of course……I’m working way more than full-time now, but most of the time is on my terms).

But a few days ago, I decided to take inventory of how I was doing financially.  To see exactly HOW much money I needed to make in order to not only survive, but thrive and be able to do good in this world.

And guess whose ugly head popped up!!  As soon as I started adding up expenses, estimating income, and trying to account for savings and the world of the unknown, the weight of what I’m trying to build here felt heavier than it has for a loooooooooong time.

And I started wondering if I can actually do it.  Will I be able to make enough?  Can I count on myself to keep up this momentum?  Is that amount REALLY enough to live on?  To not go to sleep night after night worrying about money?  (←That’s one of my biggest pet peeves)

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  All of these thoughts are coming straight from a place of lack!  Yuck!!!

I thought I was doing so well!!  Dreaming as big as I can dream……..attempting the previously-believed impossible…….making plans on a grand scheme……..feeling SAFE from a lack mentality.

But we’re never safe from a lack mentality.  We must be vigilant.  Many people make focusing on lack seem like their life’s work.  Well, I’m not buying it.

There’s enough in the world to go around.  Enough for you, enough for me, enough for all of us.  We need abundance to be put in the hands of those who can find ways to put it in the hands of those who need it.

Thank goodness I didn’t let that minor setback into a lack mentality derail me.  I’ve let a lack mentality derail me before.  Too many times before.

I’m forging forward.  Affirming that there’s enough abundance to go around.  Knowing that if I believe something long enough, it will become a reality for me.  I believe that I can achieve what I set out to do in this world.  I just need to keep telling myself that.

Do you ever struggle with a lack mentality?  What “lack-y” things do you wish YOU would stop telling yourself?  Our words are our truth.  Make your truth something inspiring.  Let’s dream a little bit bigger than we’re used to.