Do you know who Marie Forleo is?  I HOPE you do!  If you don’t, you need to be introduced, like yesterday!

She is probably THE most influential and truly helpful women I have ever encountered.  She’s the reason I finally started taking myself seriously when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur and actually believing that I could be successful at it.

If you already follow her, you know that she records a video “show” every week called MarieTV and she airs the episodes every Tuesday.  So, a new episode came out today, and it was a GEM!

I’ve already taken the advice she gives in the video and made changes to my home page.  I love her advice because it’s usually broken down into steps that you can actually digest and regurgitate (eeeewwwww).

Today, she’s talking about a company that she’s found that creates an incredible customer experience, and how you can implement some of the tactics that they use to be so freaking awesome.

I’ve embedded the video below, so you can watch it.  But seriously…..if you aren’t familiar with her yet, PLEASE run to her website right. now.  You’ll find more advice, good sense about doing business, and crazy shit that will crack you up than you could have ever dreamed.  And it’s my hope that you’ll go right to the top in your business as well!  Enjoy the video and leave me a comment about what you thought of the video or what you love about Marie Forleo (or how she has helped YOU create a business and life you love!).