We all know that security is a big deal.  Especially when your website is your business.

If you lose your website because someone hacks into it, your business goes down the drain.  And all the time, effort, and money you’ve spent on getting it to look EXACTLY the way you wanted it?  Yep…..gone.

But there’s one small step that you can take that will help keep your site as secure as Michael Scott in a straight jacket tied up with a chain (don’t you love “The Office”?  It’s definitely one of my laugh-out-loud faves!).

And if you stay on top of it, this little step will take you hardly any time at all.

Update Plugins for SecurityIt’s updating your plugins and software!

Every time you log into your WordPress site, if there are plugins that need to be updated, there’s a little number next to the word “Plugins” in the menu down the left side of your screen.

Just click the menu and take a look at the updates that you need to do.  WordPress makes it easy for you by separating your plugins into categories.


It’s a good idea to update the plugins one at a time, and then take a look at your live site after each plugin.  Believe me….there is nothing worse than realizing that a mysterious plugin is wreaking havoc on your website.

The only way to figure that one out is by deactivating all of your plugins (to make sure the problem goes away when you do that) and then systematically activating plugins one at a time until you find the culprit.  That can take a while, folks!

So, to make sure that you’re not breaking your site while you update a plugin, just update them one at a time and then take a peek at a few of your pages.  If all is good, update the next.

And again, if you stay on top of it, you shouldn’t ever have more than a few that need to be updated on the same day.  So it’s literally only going to take you a minute or two.

Just think of it as changing the underwear of your site.  It keeps it fresh.  🙂

If you’re still not convinced, WPBeginner estimates that 83% of all sites that are hacked have out-of-date software (plugins or platform).  That’s huge!!

And, I must mention that when there is a WordPress update, it’s smart to update that, too.  HOWEVER, as a word of caution, I recommend doing a quick search about updating WordPress with the theme that you’re using.

I have seen people in Facebook forums recently giving the advice that if you’re running Thesis 2.1 for your site, it’s best to not upgrade WordPress just yet.  So, while security is good, and taking precautionary measures to enhance security is smart, do your homework first (and make double-sure that you have a backup of your site before you upgrade WordPress EVER).

Here’s to keeping the Grinch from your website!  Happy holidays, y’all!