Please Complete Your Initial Payment

Below, you’ll see two payment options.  The first payment option is for those who have purchased the Whip It! Package ($1497).  The option below that is for those who have purchased the Whip It Good! Package ($2497).  There is a $40 charge for the purchase of the Thesis theme in the default initial payment price for both options. 
**If you already own the Thesis Theme, select the option without the $40 additional charge.  But please keep in mind that I will need confirmation of your proof of purchase from DIY Themes for the purchase of Thesis before we can move forward with your design project. A license key MUST be added to your site in order for it to be legal.  As a reminder, once we’re finished and you’re happy with the design, you’ll pay the second half of the price and then I’ll give you your login information and your user guides and set you loose on the world “wild” web!

Whip It! Package: Initial Payment

Whip It Good! Package: Initial Payment