Nothing feeds my soul more than feeling like I’ve helped someone do something they couldn’t have done on their own.  I’m a helper at heart.  And I feel blessed beyond measure to have found a passion and a gift that allows me to do this on a professional level.

I’m always grateful for kind words that come my way, no matter the medium.

Take a look at some of the things that were said either to me or about me from my past customers.  They make my heart swell with joy and love!


I Freak’n LOVE IT!!!!
If you were right in front of me right now, I would squeeze you to death!!
– Delia Joseph, Improveology Lifestyle Coaching
**To see a before-and-after case study of the transformation of Delia’s site, click here.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the service I have been given by Lori. She always responds so quickly and is extremely attentive in her service, answering questions and going over and above to help me get my business online. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone looking for a website.
– Jo Sweeney, Success Mindset & Business Coach for female entrepreneurs

At the first draft presentation of the design I knew Lori understood exactly what I was going for. If you want someone to guide you by the hand to brand and design your site….If you want someone to take the ideas you have in your head and put them onto a site…..If you want an artist….Hire Lori!
– Razwana Wahid, Copywriter, Relentless Movement

Lori was fantastic at communication. I love how we worked together. She took over the heavy lifting in the layout area, but really explained to me how all the basics worked so I can easily make changes in the future. I feel like I have CONTROL of my website. Whether you are looking for a brand new site, or you want to revamp your existing site.. you will get high quality service from Lori. Lori will cure your website shame and let you focus on building your business, not your website!
– Anita Moore, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

I choose Lori because she was honest, authentic, and has a passion to help people design a website of their liking. After working with Unleashed Web Design I now believe there are web designers out there that genuinely care.
– Arlene Shanti, Yoga Instructor

Lori is amazing to work with and actually cares about what she does and it really shows. She always stayed in contact with me and was willing to assist with every question I had. I never felt like it was a struggle to work with her.
– Carolyn Caputo, Holistic Health Coach

I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me, Lori. I would still be stuck, staring at the screen if I hadn’t been recommended to contact you. You are thorough, personable, kind, patient, and the end result is fantastic. I cannot believe the quality of your work. You are amazing!
– Jennifer Hill, Health Coach