As you may have seen me say before, I’ve never really loved New Years.  When people say, “It’s a chance to start over!” I actually feel disheartened.

I mean, when’s the last time you felt excited when someone said, ‘You just finished?  Good!  Now you can start over!!”

But I had a markedly difficult year in 2013…..and I’m ready to say “Sayonara” to it!  I’ve had lots of exciting opportunities come up over the past month or so, and it gives me great hope that 2014 will be a more prosperous year!

But one thing that I DID do right in 2013 was to keep my joy.  Even though I was going through tough times, I still felt as happy as (or happier than) ever.  And I think the only thing that allowed me to have that joy was knowing that, even though I was suffering, I was making progress on my dreams.  And I wouldn’t take no for an answer.

My mom saw something not long ago that had a quote on it about never giving up on your dreams, and she told me that it reminded her of me.  And I think that was the biggest compliment I have gotten in a long time!

So……if you don’t already have your joy, find it.  If you’re not already pursuing your passion, pursue it.  And keep a smile on your face.  If Helen Keller can find reason to keep joy close to her, surely you can, too.

I wish for a peaceful, prosperous, fun, exciting, and love-filled 2014 to you!

Your success and happiness are in your control....see what you can do to ensure them!