I often wonder if I think too big.  I mean, I have some seriously massive dreams, and sometimes, a lot of the people around me don’t seem to believe that I can achieve them like I believe I can.

But then I see quotes like this one from Donald Trump below…….

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” -Donald Trump

…..and I agree with him.  We all spend time thinking about things anyway, so why not just think big?

I started watching a new (to me) sitcom last night called “Raising Hope,” and the main character told his baby daughter to keep dreaming, because if you stop dreaming, then you’re just sleeping.  And I loved that!

This feels the same way to me.  I think it takes just as much energy to think big and have big goals as it does to think small and live small.  Well……maybe it takes a bit more energy to live big than it does to live small…..but isn’t it worth it?

Isn’t our life WORTH our energy?  Mine sure as hell is…..and yours is, too.

Do you have big dreams?  Tell me one of your big dreams……Unleashed Web Design is mine.