Whip It Good! Website Package

You started your business to change lives: yours and those of your customers.
You’re already changing the lives of your customers.

Take YOUR life to the next level with a new website for your business.

You’re ready to really ramp up your business; whether that means you’re just getting out of the gate, or you’re steadily gaining speed and ready to take it to the next level.

Don’t slow down your momentum by taking time out to work on your website.

Give your business your undivided attention and I’ll give your website mine.


You’ve managed to find a way to combine your purpose and passion into something that makes you money.  You’re already a superstar in my book.  But YOU have aspirations of building something bigger.  Something epic.

And one of the factors that will determine your success is your website.  We’d all like to believe that it’s NOT that big of a deal. That people can see past so-so web design and see our “true” talent, gift, offering, etc.  But the truth is that people judge you by your website. 

And those people judging you?  They’re your customers.  Or WOULD be…..if they got the feeling that you were the best in the biz.  But with a less-than-stellar website, they’ll assume that your website is a reflection of your work.

Set yourself apart and eliminate competition by projecting the most professional of appearances with your fully custom, created-just-for-you website.

Introducing the “Whip It Good!” Website Package.  The “takin’-it-to-the-next-level” solution for your business.  Not only will you get a professionally designed website, you’ll get VIP treatment.  Custom layouts, custom graphics, custom menus, full functionality upon delivery, a website designed by you.  For you.

I’ve created the “Whip It Good!” website package to help entrepreneurs reduce stress by eliminating one of the biggest stressors of running an online business: their website.  But professional web design is just the beginning; the real magic comes in the form of the little touches that make your website YOURS and not just another good-looking and functional website.

You don’t belong in a box.  Don’t let your website come out of one.  Set yourself up for continued success and spend your time on continuing to build your business, not your website.

Letting me create a completely custom website for your business will allow you to:

  • Let your creativity run wild, since there are no limitations on the layout, color choices, and aesthetic feel that your website can have
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors with a unique brand and memorable visitor experience
  • Reduce stress, knowing you’ve made an investment in yourself and the future of your business
  • Spend your valuable time getting more customers, creating new offerings, and focusing on your business
  • Refer people to your website with confidence, knowing that they’ll instantly be impressed and more likely to become your customer because of the professionalism that your website exudes
  • And most of all, build freedom into your life by catapulting the success of your business and turning it into the money-making machine that you know it can be

Bottom line: You’ll end up with the design you’ve been envisioning, feel smarter than ever for taking the necessary steps to building an online empire, and hear that virtual whip crack that will help project you and your business into the big leagues.

What You’ll Get for $3400 (the juicy deets)

Everything in the Whip It! Website Package PLUS:

  • A 1-hour consultation convo (via phone or Skype) where we can get to know each other and I can really tune into your thoughts and overall website vision. We both know that this website is a digitized version of you and your brand, so seeing that vision for myself is the first step in my job of making your dreams a reality.
  • Customized website layout, including up to 3 different layouts for the different pages of your website (e.g. home page, blog, sales page, etc.).
  • Custom headers for each page, giving you the flexibility to design every page from the very first element your visitors will see: the header.
  • Custom social media icon creation to go one step further in creating a completely custom look for your website.
  • Creation and placement of two (2) custom menus, so you can keep the top menu simple and user-friendly, but still allow your customers to find anything on your site with ease.
  • Custom sidebar design, complete with branded images that will lead your customers to the pages of your website that you want them to see.
  • Custom opt-in design.  As many as you want.  Wherever you want them.  Because you know they say the money’s in the list!
  • Ten (10) pages of content imported and styled for you. You supply the copy, images, and design, and I’ll put them together for you. And teach you how to add more when you want to build your empire even further.
  • Setup of Google Analytics, the tool that will allow you to analyze how people are finding your site and also how they’re using it.
  • Custom email address setup so you will have the most professional branding and brand consistency.  (Make sure your hosting company allows this!  I recommend Bluehost.)(affiliate link)
  • MailChimp newsletter list branding to match your awesome new website.
  • Your very own comprehensive, easy-to-read user guide that will teach you how to maintain and build upon your awesome new website. It’s like having a WordPress pro in your pocket as you’re learning the ropes.
  • Four (4) weeks of email support so you won’t feel like someone dropped you off in the middle of the desert and left you searching for your oasis…….I’ve got your back.

“Lori is amazing to work with and actually cares about what she does and it really shows.  She always stayed in contact with me and was willing to assist with every question I had. I never felt like it was a struggle to work with her.”  – Carolyn Caputo, Holistic Health Coach

Go For It! Crack That Whip!

My availability is limited, so don’t wait to get yourself on my calendar!


What do you use to build my website?

I use WordPress as the content management system and the Thesis theme to create your one-of-a-kind design. WordPress is the standard in content management for its ease of use, flexibility offered with the optional use of plugins, and the fact that search engines LOVE WordPress sites…..you want lots of visitors, right? It’s a no-brainer. And Thesis offers the flexibility to create a completely custom website. There’s no use in trying to fit YOU into a box!

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! You’ll pay half up-front and half when I’m done. That way, you’ll know for sure that you’re going to get exactly the website you’ve been dreaming of.

Are there any other costs associated with getting a website?

Yes, there are a few other costs. You’ll need WordPress Hosting, which typically costs between $6 and $10 per month (as a customer myself and as an affiliate for their services, I recommend BlueHost), a domain (your website url), which typically costs around $20 per year with privacy, which I recommend (if you don’t already own a domain name, you can get one for free with Bluehost when you sign up for hosting), and a Thesis client license, which costs $40 if purchased through me (if you bought Thesis on your own, it would be $87 – yay for savings!).  **See my disclosure notice here.

Couldn’t I just create a website myself?

Sure…..you COULD……but wouldn’t your time be better spent by focusing on what you’re already stellar at? (Hint: your glorious talent/skill that you’re turning into a business!)  Sure, it’s an investment up front, but you’ll end up with a professional website that didn’t take months of your precious time to create, influences people to trust and ultimately buy from you, and helps you build your business much faster. You’d spend WAY more in the long run on lost time, lost business, and a not-so-professional design. Besides….you’re SO worth it!!

“I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me, Lori. I would still be stuck, staring at the screen if I hadn’t been recommended to contact you.” – Jennifer Hill, New Leaf Health Coaching

Let’s Go! Crack That Whip!

Don’t forget that my availability is limited, so don’t wait to get yourself on my calendar!